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F AIR Training Center works closely with many prestigious airlines around the world in various types of training programs. With this partnership, F AIR brings you the most effective way to GET AN AIRLINE PILOT JOB and fulfill your childhood dreams.


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F AIR Pilot Training Center is launching a new Airline Partner Program with guaranteed screening and interview process at one of our Airline Partners, followed by job/employment as a First Officer.

The program is designed for individuals interested in obtaining a professional pilot license and job opportunities with our partner airlines.

Currently, we are involved in various programs, including the Cadet Programs, Mentored Programs, University Study Programs, and Airline Partnership Programs. Our graduates fly with airlines such as SMARTWINGS, WIZZAIR, EUROWINGS, RYANAIR, VIETNAM AIRLINES, AIR ASTANA, QAZAQ AIR, SICHUAN AIRLINES, SHANDONG AIRLINES, AIR ARABIA, FLYDUBAI and many others.  

The objective of this program is to provide effective and first-class quality ATPL training which includes the specific knowledge and skills required to obtain EMPLOYMENT for the participants and to ensure their smooth integration into the partner airline.​


With long term partnership with prestigious airline around the world, F AIR brings you the most effective way to GET AN AIRLINE PILOT JOB

96,1 %  Success Ratio



With team of highly qualified instructors who have an airline background, with active airline pilots including holders of B737/A320 TRI and with new generation infrastructure, F AIR brings First-Class training program.

Highly Qualified Team of Instructors

100 % SAFETY

With a unique safety system and a highly qualified safety management team, F AIR brings you a very safe program with NO fatal accidents throughout training history.

Unique Safety System


With 44 aircraft including 7 Multi-Engine aeroplanes, 5 simulators, 3 bases and 65 instructors, F AIR brings you the smoothly flowing training program without any delay or unexpected obstacles of small flight schools

Exceptionaly Huge Capacity


The Czech Republic offers an exceptional environment for students to stay and train. It is one of the safest countries in the world. Prague (30 minutes to our mother-base) is the 13th city in the world in the quality of life ranking .

9th  Safest Country in the World

The Basic Structure of the Program:


Application submission and candidate selection process for the program:



Online ATPL(A) theory course:

Our courses commence every 3-4 months. Reach out to us for the precise start date for particular year.

ATPL(A) practical flight training in Czech Republic:

Practical flight training star each 3-4 months. Reach out to us for the precise start date.


Screening and interview process for First Officer position at our Airline Partner: Subject to airline agreement. Contact us for the exact start date.


APPLICATION & Entry Screening

Kotva 1



for Interview


The Basic Attributes of the Program:

The program begins with a selection of suitable candidates. The training begins with theoretical training, which then runs parallel with practical flight training in the integrated ATPL course. Throughout the training, students take ATPL theoretical exams and, at the end of the training, take practical CPL/IR/MEP exams carried out in an aircraft.

After successful completion of the course, the applicants will obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)) with MEP/IR(A) qualifications and ATPL(A) theory certificates (ATPL(A) frozen), AUPRT and MCC certificates. This Commercial Pilot License, together with the above-mentioned qualifications and certificates, allows the holder to apply for a pilot job at the airline.

The training is carried out in accordance with the operational requirements of airline partner and under the supervision of the instructors who also participate in the program directly.

Participants of this program receive a guarantee of an invitation to the screening and interview process for the First Officer position upon completion of the ATPL training.


An Exclusive Benefits of the Program:

  • 50 hrs of Multi-Engine - Three times more multi-engine hours than standard programs at other flight schools

  • 115 hrs of Instrument TimeTwice more instrument hours than standard programs at other flight schools
    (50 hrs of multi-engine and 115 hrs of instruments flights make smother and easier transition to big airline jets operation)

  • The opportunity to perform the MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) training on a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 simulator (based on the client's preference) or to perform APS MCC according to airline partner requirements​.​

  • Multi-Country International training flights - in territory of Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary,  Slovenia

  • Coordination of theoretical exam schedule with the Civil Aviation Authority

  • Especially designed  Preparation Course for the First Officer screening and interview process at the airline

    • How to prepare of CV and motivation letter

    • Preparation training for the interview focused on motivation and personal values

    • Preparation training for ​
      • Aptitude test

      • Mental mathematics

      • Aviation English

      • Group psychological exercises

      • Crew Resource Management

  • Additional professional lessons and presentations given by prominent experts from the aviation industry

  • Type rating B737 and A320 available (as additional option)


The participant pays for the entire cost of the training. The financing of the training can be realized with the help of various financial institutions worldwide and banking partners. The cost of the training is split into seven installments spread throughout its course duration.

This program does not include Type Rating course on the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 or other aircraft types

Entry Requirements:

  • Completion of high (secondary) school education

  • English proficiency at B2 level according to the European Framework

  • Medical Certificate Class 1 (MCC-1). (You can apply to the Airline Partner Program without MCC-1. A medical examination can be done after the interview. We are ready to assist you in obtaining a slot for medical examination).

  • This program is designed for applicants without any aviation experience up to the level of PPL(A).

Contact Us: Airline Partner Program

I can relocate to Czech Republic for minimum of 12 months for my study
I'm aware that pilot training cost is over 68.000 EUR
I'm aware that this program is for students with maximum of PPL(A) experience

Thank you for contacting us! Our sales team will get back to you soon.

Our graduates

"F AIR graduates achieved higher quality standards in comparison with other flight schools. "

Cpt. Boleslav Stavovčík, Ph.D., former pilot for Czech Airlines responsible for new pilot hiring



F AIR is a leading aviation school in Central Europe, located near Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland.

With over 33 years of history, F AIR is the largest aviation school in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on students from  Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

With more than 45+ modern aircraft, 3 bases, 5+ simulators on site, modern facilities, accommodation for individuals and large groups of students, complete student services including visa processing and relocation services, F AIR is the best choice for your start in a pilot career, renewal of qualifications, or extension of validity.




Consider Prague and its beauty – called the queen of cities, the jewel in the heart of Europe, the city of a hundred towers, the mother of all cities. Although Prague is in the center of modern Europe, it has retained all its medieval and romantic charm, secrets and names. Prague and Czech Republic are one of safest places in World. If the maxim is to see Naples and die, the opposite is true for Prague: once you see it, you will want to move here and study.

The Czech Republic offers an exceptional environment for students to stay and train. It is one of the safest countries in the world (9th safest country in the world - Institute for Economics and Peace [World Peace Index]). Prague is the 13th city in the world in the quality of life ranking - D&L Partners. Czech Republic is the 25th country in the world in the quality of life ranking (Deloitte in partnership with the non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative). The government of the Czech Republic strongly supports projects to train foreign students and simplifies the process of obtaining visas for staying in order to obtain a pilot license.

Prague and Czech Republic are beauty places to study Professional Pilot Program. There are hundreds of opportunities of free-time and leisure activities and for sport, hundreds of unique modern and historical sights, very nice weather, very good food and drinks and extraordinary friendly people.


"Amazing Stay in Amazing Country"

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