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Boeing prediction pilot demand till 2041.PNG

As you can see from the charts and statistics above from the two largest passenger aircraft manufacturers, based on signed orders for passenger aircraft for specific markets and other factors, the interest in new commercial pilots will be enormous over the next 20 years will be huge - the European market alone will need over 110,000 new pilots in 20 years.

Can women apply for the program? I do not know many female pilots.

It is true that there is a low percentage of female pilots in aviation. In the F AIR flight school, we support women in aviation and we are very happy that there are women in aviation. Because of the general support for gender equality by society and the European Union, as a woman you have a clear path to a successful career as a pilot after you successfully complete the program and the selection process.

What is the main advantage of Airline Partners Pilot Program comparing standard training in other flight school?   

The Airline Partners Pilot Program 2023/2024 offers several advantages compared to traditional pilot training at other flight schools. The program follows the integrated ATP(A) training standards set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The training starts with theoretical classes and continues with parallel practical flight training. During the course, students will take ATPL theoretical exams and at the end of the training, they will take CPL/IR/MEP practical exams in an aircraft.

The content and progression of the program is in line with airline partners operational requirements, overseen by the instructors approved by airline partners, who also participate in the program. A major advantage is the option of MCC (multi-crew cooperation) course on a variety of simulators specific to each airline partner. Additionally, after successfully completing the training program within the set timeframe, airline partner guarantees your participation in a screening and interview process for the position of F/O in January to March 2025. An important aspect of the program, compared to a standard course, is specific preparation for the selection process and familiarization with airline partners operations.

During the program, you can expect additional benefits:

  • Coordination of theoretical exam schedule with the Civil Aviation Authority

  • Especially designed  Preparation Course for the First Officer screening and interview process

    • How to prepare of CV and motivation letter

    • Preparation for the interview focused on motivation and personal values

  • Preparation for ​

    • Aptitude test

    • Mental mathematics

    • Aviation English

    • Group psychological exercises

    • Crew Resource Management

  • Additional professional lessons and presentations given by prominent experts from the aviation industry.

Is it mandatory to join airline partner after completing the program or am I bound to do so?

The goal of the program is to successfully guide you to the airline partner selection process in the beginning of 2025, to pass it successfully and start your career as a F/O. However, you are not obligated to participate in the selection process. As part of the program, you will receive an EASA CPL(A)/MEP/IR(A) license with ATPL frozen and a certificate of completion of MCC and AUPRT. With this license, you can apply to any European airline and with easy conversion, even outside of Europe.

What are your requirements for applicants to the Airline Partners Pilot program?

You need to have:

  • A high school diploma

  • English proficiency at B2 level according to the European Reference Framework

  • A first-class medical certificate (we are ready to help you secure a medical examination)

The program is intended for those without any flight experience, up to the level of PPL(A). An equivalent part of your flight time will be recognized into the integrated course.

What is the price of Airline Partners Pilot Program and who will pay it for?

The cost of the Airline Partner Pilot program 2023/2024 is comparable to similar courses in the Czech Republic and central Europe, which include training for obtaining a CPL(A) license with MEP/IR qualifications and ATPL(A) theory (ATPL(A) frozen), AUPRT, and MCC certificates. The cost of program is paid by trainees. A specific price offer will be sent to all interested candidates based on their initial qualifications and any prior flight experience.

Who is the program for?

The program is for individuals who are interested in obtaining a professional pilot license and finding a job with one of our partner airlines. Aviation is all about connections. This is your connection to airllines.

What is the goal of the program?

The goal of the program is to provide efficient and high quality ATPL training, enhanced with specific knowledge and skills required for seamless integration into the partner airline.

What are the deadlines for the program - when do applications need to be submitted, etc.?
Submission of applications for PROGRAM: April - May, 2023
Selection of candidates for the PROGRAM: April - May, 2023
ATPL training course : June 2023 - December 2024
Screening and interview for the position of First Officer at the partner airline: January - March 2025

Is there a need for new pilots at all?

The world is talking about the so-called "pilot shortage" that is, a shortage of pilots. Statistics say that by 2025, very soon after you graduate, 30,000 new pilots will be needed worldwide. The following statistics show the need for new pilots in different regions of the world over a longer period of time:

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