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Professional Pilot
at  Czech Technical University, Prague


F AIR and the Czech Technical University's Faculty of Transportation Sciences in Prague (CTU)  have a long term cooperative relationship since 1995. F AIR and CTU created the special Professional Pilot Program where students study the ATPL theory at the university and receive practical ATPL training at F AIR with modern aircraft, infrastructure and facilities.


The Professional Pilot Program is a 3-years full-time bachelor’s degree study combined with Integrated ATPL Course. The program focuses on the training of future commercial pilots and it is fully run in the English language. Students finally obtain the Bachelor's Degree Diploma and EASA ATPL license.

F AIR is first and largest flight training center in Central and Eastern Europe, CTU is one of oldest technical university with history of more than 300 years. The cooperation between the two renowned institutions allows students to receive a top class well-rounded education in both the theoretical and practical aspects of professional pilot career. All our graduates fly  in one of our partner airline and/or other major world leading airline companies.

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Prague is amazing location for university studies:

Consider Prague and its beauty – called the queen of cities, the jewel in the heart of Europe, the city of a hundred towers, the mother of all cities. Although Prague is in the center of modern Europe, it has retained all its medieval and romantic charm, secrets and names. Prague and Czech Republic are one of safest places in World. If the maxim is to see Naples and die, the opposite is true for Prague: once you see it, you will want to move here and study.

The Czech Republic offers an exceptional environment for students to stay and train. It is one of the safest countries in the world (9th safest country in the world - Institute for Economics and Peace [World Peace Index]). Prague is the 13th city in the world in the quality of life ranking - D&L Partners. Czech Republic is the 25th country in the world in the quality of life ranking (Deloitte in partnership with the non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative). The government of the Czech Republic strongly supports projects to train foreign students and simplifies the process of obtaining visas for staying in order to obtain a pilot license.

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