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Why choose F AIR for
Airline Pilot Training?

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Flight Training Center





F AIR offers unique advantages for aspiring airline pilots

Extensive Flight Training:

F AIR provides comprehensive flight training programs designed for helping students to achieve their goals and become an airline pilot.

Exceptional experience and quality: 

At F AIR,  we are proud to be the leading private flight school not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout Central and Eastern Europe. With 34 years of experience, we have trained over 2900 commercial pilots who fly all around the world. Students from more than 45+ countries and diverse cultural backgrounds have chosen F AIR for their flight training. Our exceptional success rate speaks to the quality of our programs, with 96.1% of our students successfully completing their training. At F AIR,  we are dedicated to provide the best possible experience for our students.

International Certification:

F AIR is fully approved for training professional pilots in the Czech Republic and by the EASA under certificate 001. Additionally, we are certified by the aviation authorities Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, UAE Civil Aviation Authority, and Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Highly Experienced Instructors:
F AIR's instructors are highly experienced, with many years of airline background, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the aviation industry. Many of the 15 full-time and 50 part-time instructors are captains and/or examiners from reputable airlines.

100% Safety:

Thanks to a unique safety management system managed by experienced aviation experts, we can boast that throughout the company's history, we have not had any fatal accidents during training.

Industry Connections:

F AIR has strong connections within the aviation industry, allowing students to network and make valuable connections that can help them advance in their careers.

Proven Success:

With a long history of producing successful graduates, F AIR has a proven track record of helping students achieve their goal of becoming airline pilots. All ATPL professional pilot training graduates have landed jobs with reputable airlines in Europe or around the world.

State-of-the-Art Equipment, Environment, and Facilities:

F AIR invests in the latest and most advanced flight training equipment and training tools, providing students with real-world experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Extraordinary Capacity:

F AIR operates from 3 bases in the Czech Republic: Prague/Benešov, Karlovy Vary International Airport, and Brno International Airport. The fleet consists of 45+ aircraft and 5 simulators, with the capacity to train 150+ professional pilots annually.

Guaranteed Training Period:

F AIR guarantees the length of the training, We will cover your additional stay in the Czech Republic in case of exceeding the training length (*does not include stay for additional training and repeat exams or holidays).

F AIR, it means fair price:

F AIR offers the fair price approaching attribute "the best value for money" for ATPL professional pilot training.

Amazing Location:


WHY choose CZECH REPUBLIC for pilot training?

The Czech Republic offers an exceptional environment for students to stay and train. It is one of the safest countries in the world (9th safest country in the world - Institute for Economics and Peace [World Peace Index]). Prague is the 13th city in the world in the quality of life ranking - D&L Partners. Czech Republic is the 25th country in the world in the quality of life ranking - Deloitte in partnership with the non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative. The government of the Czech Republic strongly supports projects to train foreign students and simplifies the process of obtaining visas for staying in order to obtain a pilot license.

Consider Prague and its beauty – called the queen of cities, the jewel in the heart of Europe, the city of a hundred towers, the mother of all cities. Although Prague is in the center of modern Europe, it has retained all its medieval and romantic charm, secrets and names. Prague and Czech Republic are one of safest places in World. If the slogan is "to see Naples and die", the opposite is true for Prague: once you see it, you will want to move here and study.


Prague and Czech Republic are beauty places to study Professional Pilot Program. There are hundreds of opportunities of free-time and leisure activities and for sport, hundreds of unique modern and historical sights, very nice weather, very good food and drinks and extraordinary friendly people.


"Amazing Stay in Amazing Country"


Why Czech Republic
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