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F AIR airline pilot training timeline

1. Enroll in a Flight Training Program: The first step is to enroll in a flight training program offered by F AIR. This will provide you in 14-18 months with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to become a competent pilot.

2. Obtain a Pilot License (ATPL frozen): After completing of professional pilot training program you will obtain a Pilot License (ATPL frozen), which is required to work as a professional pilot.

3. Apply for Job: Once you have completed your flight training and gained the necessary Pilot License, you can start applying for jobs as an airline pilot. F AIR's strong connections within the aviation industry will help you find the right opportunities for you.

4. Gain special preparation for screening at airlines: Once you have applied for job, F AIR will prepare you for all parts of screening in the especially designed few days program focused for specifics of partner airline operations and for psychology and motivation aspects tested during interview. This program definitively helps you to pass successfully screening and interview at selected airline.

5. Pass the screening and interview process at the airline: Once you have successfully passed the screening and interview at selected partner airline you will have GREEN LIGHT to enroll the company as the pilot (First Officer).

6. Complete Type Rating training: To fly specific aircraft type of aircraft (Airbus A320, Boeing 737 etc.), you will need to complete Type Rating training course designed to give you the necessary knowledge and skills of specific large aircraft. This training follows the work contract offered to pilot by partner airline. Course is provided by F AIR or by partner airline. 

7: Start your professional pilot career: Put on your pilot uniform, enter the large JET cockpit, enjoy most beautiful office in the world, enjoy the flying...  

Overall, the path to becoming an airline pilot through top class F AIR Pilot Training Center involves a combination of hi premium quality flight training, practical experience, and networking opportunities, all designed to help you achieve your goal of becoming a successful airline pilot.

Boeing cpt. Srnec
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